BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty

Message from the Secretary General BMUN 2018


Dear Delegates,

We welcome you to the 14th edition of the Bangalore Model United Nations!


As we hear of Model UN conferences taking place on a weekly basis across the country on the one hand and the situation of Rohingyas in Myanmar or Palestinians in Gaza worsening every day on the other, it is inevitable for us to question the efficacy of the UN as a body that solves the problems of the world and by extension, the exercise of MUN’ing altogether. The truth is that the UN continues to be effective, even if in ways different from its traditional peacekeeping and security functions. Its efforts in fighting HIV, prosecuting war criminals or its successful World Food Program serve as testament. The theme of BMUN 2018, “the blurred lines of sovereignty” is in keeping with this shift, as North and South Korea begin economic cooperation and the UK heads towards a no-deal Brexit.

Second, there is a lot to take away from the experience. MUNs contribute immensely to our personal development, both in terms of the awareness gained and the values and skills acquired in the process. At a time when we are evaluated not merely by our textual/ technical knowledge but by who we are and what we stand for, MUNs equip us with a global mindset that is both analytical and problem solving, develop our ability to negotiate complex situations tactfully, and make us more confident. Most importantly, they make us empathetic and sensitive to issues that little concern us, while allowing us to reconcile and find that balance between our individual conscience and the professional conscience we bear as State representatives to the UN.

What began over a decade ago has grown into and continues to be one of the most prestigious MUNs in the country. Having participated and chaired several MUNs at school and at university, both nationally and internationally, I can say with confidence that this conference is unique/ stands out for the quality of discussion in each committee. While this may partially be on account of attracting some of the best and brightest delegates, I believe that this is a result of the rigour, sincerity and fastidiousness that this conference embodies and demands, encouraging every delegate to look beyond their comfort zones and exceed their capabilities. The experienced and well researched executive board of BMUN 2018 in attempt to bring invisible issues to the forefront have ensured that the agenda are topical, with negotiations over the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism having reached a deadlock in the UN General Assembly, communities displaced by the changing climate having no status internationally and requiring rehabilitation, and the Data Protection bill presently being considered by the Indian parliament heralding a regime that values privacy and the integrity of data.

I feel privileged to share the responsibility that this position carries, and I am hopeful that each one of you will enjoy the experience of preparing and participating in BMUN 2018, with several fond memories to take forward.


Mrinali Komandur

Secretary General

BMUN 2018