BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty



With the Government and the Opposition constantly at loggerheads, along with bills, propositions and amendments being thrown around like accusations, introducing the lower house of the parliament - The Lok Sabha


Given that the Parliament of India is always prominent in the public eye and its members under constant scrutiny, the Lok Sabha never fails to make it to the headlines when the Parliament is in session. 


Rising debates, intense drama and discussing pressing issues over the duration of the conference will be challenging even for the best of orators. 

BMUN welcomes you to one of the most challenging committees - the Lok Sabha - for a hands-on experience of the legislative body.


a) Reviewing the Justice Shri Krishna Committee recommendations on data protection and the implications of the proposed data protection bill
b) Establishing a legal framework to prevent extrajudicial killings


Speaker: Avirukt Rajeev

Deputy Speaker: Rishabh Sundar 

Rapporteur: Manav Kapasi