BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty



In today’s news hungry world, the importance of the media and all it stands for is at a crossroads - to be ethical and publish what is accurate or to sensationalize the simplest of matters, simply to attract more readers? 

The media has been part of all our lives and society at large since time immemorial. Both a source of information and entertainment, the media is, particularly in present times, resorting to coloured opinion, fabricated news, yellow print and the like.

With world leaders tweeting about every event, big or small, newspapers splashing headlines about celebrity weddings before disastrous calamities, news channels interviewing internet sensations for their 15 minutes of fame and so much more, several questions come to mind.

What, in its truest sense, is the media? What does it stand for? And what can we, as the mostly educated masses, do to preserve what is now vital in an increasingly globalised world and prevent it from getting tainted so?

Welcome to the International Press Corps, where you, representing world-famous news agencies themselves, will defend and fight what you stand for - and hopefully, what is right.


Agenda: Ethics of creative liberty taken by the media, with special reference to yellow journalism


Heads of Press : Mohana Gopinath and Ananya Kaushal
Chief Editor : Shritha Sampath
Deputy Editor: Khushi Parekh