BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty



In today's world, sovereignty of a nation is no longer absolute. Is national sovereignty an obligation or an entitlement? Does a government lose its sovereign rights to govern a nation if it doesn’t carry out its role effectively? To what extent should a nation answer cries for self-determination by its unintegrated population? 

Presenting the Futuristic Security Council. The year is 2028. Chaos has erupted once again in the Indian subcontinent. The UN security council must resolve escalating tensions between 3 nuclear armed nations before it's too late. Can you, the delegates of the Futuristic Security Council, bring lasting peace to a conflict that has lasted decades and sees no signs of improving? 

Agenda: Discussing the status of Pakistan and the instability in the Indian subcontinent in the year 2028.


Chair: Amaan Asim 
Vice chair: Vidushi Mahajan
Rapporteur: Likhith Chandragiri