BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty



“There is little room for complacency, and it is important to guard against sporadic volatility in financial markets”- Urjit Patel, 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

If there is anything constant, it is change. This holds true for the international economy, economic partnerships, economic policies adopted by various countries etc. Countries must constantly update their economic policies. Countries that don’t adapt to change face crisis, while those that adapt, experience economic growth. However, can this really be called “economic growth”? The Economic and Financial Affairs Council believes that real economic prosperity is achieved when all countries collectively experience growth. Can you as representatives of different countries come together and make sure this happens?

Presenting the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of Bangalore Model United Nations 2018.


Agenda: 1.Impact of TTIP and BREXIT on world economies and financial institutions.

2. Achieving economic empowerment of women - challenges and solutions.


President: Shourya Tomar
Vice President: Aadhya Ravindra
Rapporteur: Akshay Mohan Ullal