BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty

Conference Policies


1. Attendance

Barring extraordinary circumstances, all delegates must attend sessions on all three days.


2. Conference Badges

For security reason, delegates are advisors are required to visibly wear their conference badges at all times while inside the venue. We reserve the right to check the conference identification of any participant at any time.


3. Dress Code

Formal western business wear.


4. Electronic Devices

In general, electronic devices, including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and e-readers will not be permitted while the committee is in session. Laptops may be used during the lobbying period, in the hallway during the unmoderated caucuses or between sessions as delegates develop, edit and combine resolutions.


All bills and resolutions must typically be submitted to the dais in electronic form, on a USB flash drive as a Microsoft Word document.