BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty

Message from the Chief Guest - BMUN 2018


Dear Delegates,

United Nations marches ahead in 2018 adding to a marathon of achievements since the inception of this world body in 1945. Ever since UN's mandate and commitment has stood the test of time. Multilateral united approach has continued to be the way to handle global challenges threatening peace, security, equity and development.


The 73rd UN General Assembly as well as the Global meetings under the umbrella of the UN have arrived at a consensus on the most important priorities for action. Some of these include climate action, achieving sustainable development goals, reforming the economic and trade policies, tackling deteriorating peace in the Middle-East, and the need for integration of strategies and action to reduce and do away with gender disparity. Human migration and refugee challenges in the in the context of the Human Rights need higher-level multilateral approach and consensus. To address these challenges the member countries need a more strengthened reconciled approach.


In the last few decades, multilateral partnerships based on shared geographical locations, interests, economic and other challenges have proved to be very effective. Some of these global, regional and inter-regional partnerships include South - South Cooperation, the G77 Group to handle collective economic interests, and a smaller group with economic agenda BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India and China), the ASEAN (Association of south-East Asian Nations) and the informal group of G15 developing Nations. While the member countries take the UN General Assembly seriously in arriving at a consensus on global goals and policies, the UN Security Council has not been easy. It is in the news most of the time especially when one of it's five permanent members votes for a 'veto'. The operation of the Security Council continues to be 'most challenging'. Hence it needs to be re-iterated that a big reform is needed in the UN the Security Council especially on the permanent membership and the power to 'veto'.



Marashetty Seenappa

President of Association of Former UN Personnel in and of India

Chief Guest - BMUN 2018