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Vidya Niketan is a preparation for life… an avenue to give each child a strong foundation to build on. It is a school with global reach, yet with its roots clearly and proudly embedded in Indian culture and ethos. 

VNS has as its vision and mission “Character Building and Man-Making” and its motto is “ Discipline and Excellence”. Its belief is “Co-operation over Competition”. The goals are defined by the verses of the Sthithaprajna from the Bhagvad Gita – namely true wisdom that transcends all text books.


As the planet grows smaller and more closely connected, VNS recognizes the need to encompass global interest and include internationalism as an important component of the ethos and curriculum of the school. VNS is committed to inculcating in students the pride of citizenship. In the interest of our shared future on our planet, we need to recognize all other nations as equals in spite of our differences. We would like every student in the school to believe in the words of the Late Ramsey Macdonald, a British Labour politician who rightly said, “Our true nationality is mankind.”


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