BMUN '18 Theme:

Blurred lines of Sovereignty



Welcome to the official website of the 14th Annual Bangalore Model United Nations conference to be held on

29, 30, 31 October 2018 hosted by Vidya Niketan School. Mark your calendars, South India's championship

conference is back, and its better than ever.




Model United Nations - or MUN – is an innovative and exciting way to introduce students to the world of

international relations and diplomacy. As its name suggests, it is an academic simulation of the United Nations

that encourages delegates to become more confident and well-informed about the world.


As South India’s oldest MUN, Bangalore Model United Nations has always been an excellent platform for budding

diplomats to discuss methods of sustainable progress and equip themselves for a future as responsible global


With its 14th session, Bangalore MUN is brought to you once again as a student-initiated and a student-oriented event.

Eventful committees, brilliant debate, and unparalleled excitement, this year promises to surpass all expectations!


BMUN 2018 Committees:


ECOFIN - Economic and Financial Affairs Council

UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Committee

UNCTC - United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee

LS - Lok Sabha

FSC - Futuristic Security Council (Double Delegation)

IPC - International Press Corps